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Roofing Contractors of Texas has professional, extensive training and certifications in hail and wind damage assessment and important experience and understanding in the insurance claim processes. Our highly trained estimators are experts at identifying damage – damage that most untrained eyes might miss. We then provide you with pictures, an inspection summary and all the information you will need to submit a claim if your roof is damaged by weather. If your roof is found to have damage, our 20 plus years of experience will lead you through the steps of properly documenting the damage and the insurance claim requirements and processes. 

If your roof is determined to have un-repairable damage due to hail or wind, your insurance company will need to verify the damage and approve a claim for replacement. Roofing Contractors of Texas has been working with homeowners and insurance companies for over 20 years and we understand the process for roof replacement approval and what the insurance companies need to make a proper decision on your claim. We'll also be there to help answer questions you may have during the insurance claim process. 

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