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Roof damage is by far the greatest risk that your home faces when a hurricane strikes. Well over 90 percent of the homes that are damaged in a hurricane suffer damage to the roof and particularly to the roof covering.

The most susceptible areas of the roof are the windward eaves, corners and ridges, as uplift from the hurricane winds can cause serious damage to these areas, but all roof elements are at risk. The most common forms of hurricane damage to your roof include:

  • Cracked, torn or detached shingles
  • Leaks in roof
  • Water and wind damage to roof deck and underlayment
  • Hail damage to shingles, including dents and removal of protective granules

If you have an older shingle roof, one of your top priorities should be taking steps to reduce the risks that it will be damaged in a hurricane. Loss of shingles could lead to water flooding into the house from above, resulting in collapsed ceilings, water soaked walls and everything inside the house. If not dried out right a way mold is likely to develop and require gutting of the house to remove the remaining drywall on the ceilings and walls. This damage is of nightmare proportions. Loss of even one piece of roof sheathing can result in internal damage to your home and contents that is nearly ten times the cost of the damage to the exterior of your home.

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Roof Damage From Hurricanes

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